Welcome to BOZAIL, LLC

Bozail, LLC is a subsidiary of Bozail, We have been in the marketing business for over 15 years in Pakistan, where we are registered under 3 distinct brand names i.e; Bozail, M.I. Enterprises and the Bozail Group. M. I. Enterprises is an abbreviation for the name of our CEO and founder, Muhammad Imran. All our businesses are under the sole proprietorship company of Muhammad Imran, who sincerely thanks the Bozail team.

Bozail as well as the clientele they have accumulated in the past decade and a half, who solely trust our company. We are actively involved in areas including but not limited to Media Marketing, Sales Distribution, Web Based Marketing, Software development and Trading. In Bozail, LLC, we are mainly focused on the import, export and distribution of ethnic products in USA.

Our Model of Business