Welcome to BOZAIL, LLC

Bozail, LLC is a subsidiary of Bozail, We have been in the marketing business for over 15 years in Pakistan, where we are registered under 3 distinct brand names i.e; Bozail, M.I. Enterprises and the Bozail Group. M. I. Enterprises is an abbreviation for the name of our CEO and founder, Muhammad Imran. All our businesses are under the sole proprietorship company of Muhammad Imran, who sincerely thanks the Bozail team Bozail as well as the clientele they have accumulated in the past decade and a half, who solely trust our company. We are actively involved in areas including but not limited to Media Marketing, Sales Distribution, Web Based Marketing, Software development and Trading. In Bozail, LLC, we are mainly focused on the import, export and distribution of ethnic products in USA.

Our business model is unique compromised of our strengths which rely heavily on our experience in Global Exchange of goods and services. We understand the importance of supply-chain and how it works, and we plan to deploy the same tried and true strategy in USA.

What We Do

We Bozail, LLC initially offering a range of over 200 products from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China & UAE in the American market. Bozail, LLC is in the process to establish a distribution business in the state of Texas. Our aim to make it big and grow our distribution network to a national distribution network in USA, in the next couple of years Our Product lines include Flat Bread (Traditional Indian/Pakistani Naan; Tandori Naan, Kandhari Naan, Kulcha, Roghani Naan, Garlic Naan. Various Parathas; Chai Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Halwa Puri and etc…), Samosa range, Basmati Rice Range, Brown Rice Range, canned mackerel, coconut products, canned cheese, Ceylon tea, Ceylon spices, jams, jellies, chutneys, sauces, pickles, biscuits, fruit cordials and nectars.

Bozail, LLC eliminates risk when sourcing products from developing countries, we make sure all our food which we import are on strict guidelines of FDA also during all the procurement process we make sure that HACCP and ISO Standards are followed by our suppliers we only procured our food from the companies who have HACCP and ISO Certificates 9001. Using a global network and proprietary techniques, as it has extensive experience importing food products from around the world. Using a well developed chain of distribution, Bozail, LLC has become a one-stop shop for sourcing, clearing, and developing food products. Bozail, LLC aims to provide unique products, develop them to the standards Americans expect, and then place them under our in-house and/or its partners’ private labels.

Key Objectives:

  • Strictly follow our Quality Control Standards.
  • Timely Delivery Schedules.
  • Competitive offer.
  • Delivery the Quality Guarantee products as per agreed specifications and approved samples.
  • Offers only reputable brand that instills quality, knowledge, and the highest degree of products by deploying the unique supply 3s supply chain module which normally operates within the big retail stores like Walmart etc.
  • Expand our current services and operations by consistently adding new products lines for our clients so that Bozail, LLC becomes a multinational brand of the distribution industry.
  • Multiple revenue streams to diversify the portfolio and mitigate risks for a decline in segments of the market.
  • Highest level of experience, knowledge, education, and expertise of all staff, from CEO to each employee.
  • Identify the profitable products.


We strive to be the go-to ethnic supplier in America. We will continue to help Americans enjoy ethnic products, by finding and verifying reliable suppliers and developing unique, compliant products offered at competitive prices.


Bozail, LLC seeks to utilize a comprehensive list of distribution partners to become the largest ethnic supplier in America. Build a broad brand that crosses all ethnic groups.


We Sell the Highest Quality Foods. We satisfy and delight our customers. We promote team member growth and happiness. We value the importance of fun, family, and community involvement. We create profits and prosperity. We Care About our Community and the Environment