Distribution :

Distribution is a tricky part people mix this business with the wholesale which is entirely wrong. In distribution business you need to get a proper license of the product from the manufacturer to sale the product in your country, region or territory. We are in negotiation with brands like Ashrafi wheat flour atta and Classic product to get their entire range as Sole Distributor for entire USA market.  So, getting the sole distribution we get the complete rights of the product to sell this product in entire USA also we can appoint our Distributor for different states.

Wholesale :

In wholesale channel we get the assorted product which we shared the list of products in these products we get the good margins also there is low competition and good sale frequency. These are ready products available in market we just see the demand and margin. Envolve our liquid and get the product and sale it locally.


In trading the market research and knowledge of different market is come into paly and in this area where our expertise lies upon. We knew the regional market like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, & Bahrain these are the countries we have in good connections and we have a very well establish business in this countries and we serve them as Bozail Group & M.I. Enterprises, now we transfer this entire business to Bozail, LLC as Owner of Bozail my 15 years of expertise is in this business, I knew this business very well with good reputation with suppliers, businesses and companies. This business need a focus and knowledge of international trade as I said earlier and I am good in it. We supply them packaging of food products which we manufactured in China and sell these products to our clients in these countries. This is where we generate most of our sales, we can double the sales within no time if we just focus on our trading business. This business create job opportunities for US citizens. And also generate good revenue for the business.

Private Label Trade

From the first call to the last delivery, every private label partnership we forge is driven by experience, quality and expertise. With Bozail LLC,, you know that the product going into your package will always live up to the name that’s
on it. When it’s your brand on the outside, make sure it’s our quality on the inside.

Quality first. Our global supplier network spans 4 continents and 13 countries, giving us the ability to provide some of the world’s finest foods. All of our rice, grains, oils, beans, seeds and lentils are sourced from regions known to produce the highest quality goods. We also make sure 3rd party audit in place during the process so that’s why conduct rigorous lab testing to protect the quality of our products.

Expertise at every step. Throughout the entire fulfillment process we provide traceability that means we are transparent with our buyer and supplier. We start a Bozail, LLC  to mange our central warehouse in the U.S. for accurate and on-time delivery.